I make his food special. ", Tag Archives: Putting Menstrual Blood In A Man’s Food, Spells With Menstruation Blood: Using Your Period For Love Spells, Health Spells and Chants: Heal and Protect Your Loved Ones, Prayers For Protection Against Witchcraft, Spiritual Egg Cleansing: Learn How To Read the Meaning, Magick Spells with Shoes for Love and Control , What Do I Need To Cast Spells? Blood in Love Magick. Or alternatively, some kind of offence under the Terrorism Act. According to www.luckymojo.com, Strega practitioners believe that simply serving menstrual blood to a man in his coffee or tea is a sovereign recipe for capturing his sexual attention. I'm from Louisiana and there are PLENTY other voodoo practices aside from putting things in others food. Considering that this act seems especially heinous. this one lady claims that she is upfront about feeding her period blood to her other half, 20 Funny Little Lies All Mums Tell Their Kids, The Most Sexist Advertisements From the Ages, Gympie Women in Business Awards 2013 - Best NEW Business, Gympie Women in Business Awards 2013 - Entrepreneur/ Professional of Excellence, Bendigo Bank Gympie Chamber of Commerce Awards 2013 - Business of the Year, NOMINATED: Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2014 (Jody Allen, Founder), NOMINATED: EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 (Jody Allen, Founder), THE LARGEST: Australian Parenting / Mother Social Media Following - SocialBakers, 2015, The Women Who Sneak Period Blood Into Their Partners’ Food. Maka why! (“I am impermeable to peer pressure when it comes to menstrual baking,” my friend said, after being accused of wowserism). He practically worships the feet I walk on. Considering that this act seems especially heinous, would feeding someone menstrual blood without their consent be considered a sexual assault or a regular assault? Or I over reacted? WTF! Sounds like a death metal band. Spells With Menstruation Blood: Using Your Period For Love Spells. If that is the way my marriage will be intact I have no regrets. And then, on the other hand, this one lady claims that she is upfront about feeding her period blood to her other half because she doesn’t like the dishonesty (warning, you will never get the term “gobbets of menstruum” out of your head): “I have done this often, with uniformly good results. Does anyone else's husband pee all over the toilet? In most states, this is Assault by Bodily Fluid. Why do women paint their eyebrows on these days? To collect menses for immediate use or to dry or freeze for later use, you may use your fingers.”. Jack's in Columbus, Mississippi, is the name of the fast food restaurant in question. You don’t need any spells to go along with it – supposedly the woman’s scent is added to the man’s consciousness and he’ll either become obsessed with her, commit to her or never stray, depending on what the owner of the period blood is trying to achieve. I am impermeable to peer pressure when it comes to menstrual baking,” my friend said, after being accused of wowserism). Jim Haskins says in his book Voodoo and Hoodoo that "to keep a man crazy about her and uninterested in wandering, a woman simply has to … Men in these cultures are often warned not to accept brown or red drinks or foods with brown or red sauces from unmarried women because some menses-related witchcraft might be afoot. There are forums and webpages discussing this unusual ingredient. My auntie has been doing it and she is married for 12 yrs. Thread starter Similar threads Forum Replies Date; Benin : History and Culture of Benin Republic (Home of VooDoo) Benin: 3: Sep 12, 2016: Black People : Fayetteville man with Voodoo beads again clashes with judge Black People Open Forum: 0: Jul 21, 2015: Audio Video Web Conferencing : Jimi Hendrix Experience - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Audio Video Web Conferencing She told me it was an old secret her Grandma gave her and that she thought I would find it sexy. Thats so disgusting. This Site Might Help You. I think it would be an ordinary assault. A fast food restaurant in Columbus, Mississippi has a NIGHTMARE on his hands. December 14, 2017 Leave a comment. Ancient Egyptians believed that a first menstrual flow meant that the girl was becoming attuned to the Great Goddess. One of the activities associated with witches is that they will sneak some of their menstrual blood into a man's food or drink in order to have power over him and control him. Can I have a glass of water now? What the heck? For this spell, you have to dress the candle with your menstrual blood, starting from the bottom and working your way to candlewick. GRAPHIC: Fast food worker arrested for putting blood and saliva on cheeseburger before serving it News Posted: Jan 24, 2017 / 01:28 PM CST / Updated: Jan 24, 2017 / 01:36 PM CST I immediately left after now I’m home.”. What you’ve done, is 100% illegal. A love spell cast by a woman during her periods binds the man to the woman if the ritual is repeated once every six months. thats madness. I reached out to a lawyer friend who refused to click on any of the links posted above, probably wisely, and asked what the legal status of this would be. Instagram: @demetra_nyx. The woman's husband caught her squatting over a pot of food she was cooking and proceeded to beat her ass. It basically consists of feeding your lover your menstrual blood, hidden in food. Spell 1: collect your menstrual blood in a container, then take the photo of the man whom you want to get love from, put your menstrual blood all over the photo and chant the below spell thrice then take the menstrual blood from the photo and mix it in a food item probably a sweet or cake and give it to the man to be had, make sure only he has it, in three days that man will propose to you and will want to be only … In hoodoo and some folk magic customs, a woman's menstrual blood is considered vital to some types of magic. I told her I guess it was meant to be. I know it’s wrong but I don’t think it’s poisonous. Yes, many people use a tampon (kinda like a tea bag) and cook it with, for instance, a pot of beans, then pull it out. I have directly fed gobbets of menstruum to my lover, from my fingers, as one might feed a pet. x 1; May 19, 2017 #386. I am a very emotional being. I know its gross which is why I've never done it but I honestly think I know men who who have had this done to them.And shoot if these women can get and keep their man that way maybe I ought to try it. It turns out that there are people out there who enjoy cooking with it. My h, I dont know how to tell my bf were done cuz i know he likes another girl. Caroline Duncan is a freelance journalist and photographer with almost 20 years’ media experience in radio, magazines and online. Tag Archives: Putting Menstrual Blood In A Man’s Food. Juliette Samuel responded to the perceived slight by smearing her own menstrual blood on the bread of the burger with a finger, and licking the cheese, the witness said. While menstrual blood does contain three important plant nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, some horticulture experts caution against the practice. But unlike the women who, say, cook up their own placentas and enjoy it with some fava beans and a nice chianti, the menstrual masterchefs are all about sneaking it into the food of unsuspecting menfolk for alleged magical purposes. Most of us are glad to be rid of it when Aunt Flo comes to town, disposing of it along with tampons and pads or those cup things some of you are into shoving up your vajayjays to gather your blood. The co-worker alerted her mother, Tabatha Hollins, who went public with the accusations after she says Jack’s Family Restaurant dismissed her private complaint to the company. Someone told me that a man will love u forever if u put some of ur period blood in something that he will eat and that like magic he will be like a slave for u. has anyone has any success with this? Typically, it is hidden in coffee, or in tomato sauce to mask the color and scent. Considering that this act seems especially heinous, would feeding someone menstrual blood without their consent be considered a sexual assault or a regular assault? Mutts that are like looking in the mirror! I was on my period, i removed my pad and suck it inside water and make sure the blood much in the water, i added my urine into the water and i made stew for him, he came back and ate the food without knowing. Who are u people to judge me.”. She can't sew and hates housework. Angry fast food worker arrested for putting menstrual blood & saliva on a customer's cheeseburger An 18-year-old girl, Sky Juliett Samuel is facing five years in jail after she allegedly licked and smeared her own menstrual blood on a cheeseburger before serving it to a unsuspecting customer at the fast food restaurant where she worked. Since I got married I can beat my chest and say my husband has never misbehaved outside. Today the practice of sneaking menstrual blood into the food or drink of a man is being taught as if it is a standard and normal practice for female practitioners. If a man cant stay faithful maybe he needs to be considered " waste" as well. No ritual, prayer, or invocation is necessary; you … They incorporated menstrual blood into their curative and beauty regime. A Mississippi, USA fast food worker. Should I tell him?because I am feeling very worried and confused.”. This was done to bind him, but to avoid the sneakiness of slipping it into his drinks — i want him to KNOW how much i want him to be mine, and to know that i am working the spell on him right out in the open.”. in many cultures, that menstrual blood, and menstruating women themselves, are Putting the men into menstruation: the role of men and boys in community menstrual hygiene management THÉRÈSE MAHON, ANJALI TRIPATHY and NEELAM SINGH Thérèse Mahon (theresemahon@wateraid.org) is Regional Programme Manager South Asia, A man posting to the bodybuilding.com forums discovered that his girlfriend of two years had been feeding him period blood the whole time, and unsurprisingly, he was unimpressed: “I have been dating this Italian girl for 2 years now. A menstrual cup is a flexible, silicone cup women can use while on their periods to collect menstrual fluid. Ugh! ALSO READ: “Evil Mind: Cook in the dock for poisoning his boss' guest food”. Menstrual blood, vaginal fluid, semen, urine (that is, something from your genital region) into the loved one’s food or drink, and those in which you add such fluids to a personal scent or dressing oil and wear it on your body to captivate those whose attentions you desire. This makes the man to become infatuated with the woman. I read this last one to my husband and he literally ran from the room just hearing about it. An ex-worker is alleging that they witnessed one of their servers put MENSTRUAL BLOOD inside a customer's burger. Don't read this if you're about to sit down to a nice, juicy, extra rare steak. a couple of drops of menstrual blood; a needle (optional) Instructions. She goes on to say that once a month when she’s on her period she puts her menstrual blood in the spaghetti sauce she feeds me. She saw I had been posting photos with my menstrual blood on my … In some cultures such as the African-American hoodoo culture, and in Sicilian folk magic, it’s believed that serving menstrual blood to a man will capture his sexual attention. She says she made it so, and I asked her how. I think it looks terrible. A fast-food employee in Columbus, Mississippi, faces a felony charge after she smeared spit and menstrual blood on a customer’s burger, police said. A Mississippi fast-food worker accused of smearing her menstrual blood on a customer’s sandwich, turned herself into police on Monday, according to local reports. I would like to give it a try, is … RE: Does putting menstrual blood in spaghetti really work? Crime Time Oxygen reports that the 18-year-old Samuel was angry when the drive-thru customer placed an order and when she could not understand her, an argument ensued between them and to punish the woman, Samuel decided to apply her menstrual blood to her food. But at least she’s not dipping her tampon in his drinks like a tea-bag behind his back, so more power to her and her gobbets of menstruum. My friend responded: “ I think it would be an ordinary assault. Some women out there admit they’ve tried it but aren’t sure if sneaking bodily fluids into their lovers’ meals was a good idea or not. I've been reading about women consuming their own menstrual blood... anyone heard of this? Today we were just casually talking after phucking and she asked me “do u ever wonder why we fell in love?”. I was phuckin grossed out, immediately started gagging. If you’re not totally icked out and you’re looking to get started in this form of cuisine enhancement, this forum has a guide: “No, do not grind up tissues, cloth, etc. Let me give u my reason. Witchcraft Tools. Feeding Menstrual Blood to a Man. I might die if my heart is ever broken. WTF??? You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Now if you’ve stopped dry-retching enough to raise a skeptical eyebrow and call BS on this tale of mine, our old friend Google would indicate otherwise. Absolutely no love spell a woman can use on a man will top using blood, in my experience. In the African-American hoodoo tradition, as well as in Sicilian folk-magic, menstrual blood served to a man in his coffee or tea is a sovereign recipe for capturing his sexual attention. No extra ritual is necessary, just add a little menstruation blood in his coffee or tea. She is also a mother of three daughters, and when she’s not writing or taking pictures, she’s extremely busy operating a taxi service running them around to various activities. Canares Rowena Ola, 43, was hauled into a Singapore court recently on a criminal mischief charge after she allegedly mixed her urine and menstrual blood into a rice dish and served it. My question is, did I do the right thing? So I don’t know how this lass willingly gets chaps to eat it from her fingers like a pet. It is the menses only you wish to get into the food. It is common practice for a woman looking to tie down her spouse to add her vaginal fluid to his food or drink. this is my first time hearing about this "practice" if you will. Like this lady: “He asked me to cook rice for him. Or alternatively, some kind of offence under the Terrorism Act. If the woman, however, wants to concoct a love spell that is almost unbreakable then making use of her menstrual blood is necessary. The way it works, if it works at all, can be explained in part by science – it all has to do with pheromones. Sky Juliett Samuel, 18, surrendered to police Monday morning on an arrest warrant charging her with intentionally serving contaminated food at a Jack’s restaurant on Jan. 7, according to WCBI.com. If you decided to use the needle to engrave symbols into the wax of the candle, do it after dressing the candle in menstrual blood. Urine or Menstrual Blood in Men's Food 'n Drinks If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Then there are others that have no shame whatsoever and claim they do it all the time, and it’s worked wonders, and who cares what the haters say: “Everyone is saying that am doing the wrong thing by cooking my husband food with my period. Putting period blood in this guys food? A few days ago, a woman in the UK found my Instagram. Today we will talk about spells with menstrual blood and their origins. Because if you do that shit, you should totally ask the internet. My friend responded: “I think it would be an ordinary assault. Today we will talk about spells with menstrual blood and their origins. In the black and white magic traditions of basically every culture, there are spells that make use of our bodily fluids, including blood, saliva, semen, tears, baby’s amniotic fluid, urine, feces, hairs, pubic hair, and nails.