Group Lessons for Residents
Minimum 5 students
Courses 4 hrs/wk 85€ 4 weeks
All materials included in the price.
New term starting on 10th Sept 2018.
Other starting dates available except for beginners. Please consult by e-mail.
Private Lessons (face to face/On-line)
One to one lessons
from 20€
Price per a 55 minutes session
All materials included in the price. We will maintain the same price from one to three people, from four onwards, please ask by mail
12 lessons for the price of 10.
Spanish at your place of work.
Minimum 5 students.
From 30€/h
From one to fourteen weeks.
All materials included in the price.
A plus of 10€ will be added for distance superior to 5 km.
Terms and Conditions

1 – Courses start in September and end in June. You can either complete a full course or join a course for 4, 8, 12 … weeks (always in groups of 4).
2 – Courses must be paid for every four weeks.
3 – Payments must be made in advance before each four week period starts.
4 – Once the payment has been made and places reserved, there will be no refund for non-attendance.
5 – In case of a long break, please notify in advance and bear in mind you may not be able to return to the same group.
6 – Attendance is crucial if you wish to keep up with the rest of the group.

7 -Holidays such as Xmas, Easter etc. are not included in the price. Price will always cover teaching weeks.
Bank holidays will be made up another day during the 4 weeks period.