I liked your lessons, I may even be lucky to learn some Spanish. I think you are an excellent teacher.






I really liked the way you made the scenes to learn the phrases and the way that we felt calm and not nervous to speak in the class-room whit people we did not know so very well. You also spoke English in a way that it was easy to follow even if it was a foreign language too. And you have a friendly manor with good humor that made the classroom to a nice place. I think you are a wise person and a very good teacher.





I am a 72 years old Norwegian woman with no previous knowledge of Spanish.I was worried if the challange would be to much for me, to learn Spanish from English, but with a teacher like Rosa it went smoothly.  She has her own, natural way to teach. While we were learning, the atmosphere was relaxed and we were all having good time. We learned how life is in Spain today and som Spanish history. We lerned a lot of phrases we could use in our stay in Spain. In the shops as well in restaurants. All this in a 16 hour course!





Possessing an intermediate level of Spanish, I have had the pleasure of having conversation classes with Rosa on a one to one basis. She is a wonderful person, extremely professional and friendly and cares deeply about her students. She puts a lot of effort into her preparations to achieve a good quality of her courses. Her teaching is very modern and tailor-made. After each class I always received all the important things we had been through which she had written down during our conversation. These remarks, words, phrases and expressions have been most useful when I have revised the classes later by myself. I definitely recommend Rosa to anyone who likes to study Spanish in a friendly and professional atmosphere.




Rosa – опытный преподаватель испанского языка с большим опытом. Это учитель с большой буквы, очень опытный и трудолюбивый. Она владеет секретом, как сделать так, чтобы ученик быстро понял грамматику и лексику языка.У меня было много  учителей , но таких как она еще не было. Она хорошо владеет техникой как донести до иностранца испанский язык, а это самое важное. От ее уроков я получала большое удовольствие, очень жаль что она переехала из Барселоны в другов город.




Gunn Helen

Rosa is the best spanish teacher you can imagine, she is an amazing pedagogue. She plans the teaching after what level you are on. She is clear and inspiring, calm and patient. She has a lot of knowledge, and you will also learn a lot about spanish culture and way of living. And she is a very sweet and goodhearted woman.”





I loved the way you were teaching. It was easy to understand you. The lessons inspired me to learn Spanish. Thank you for the nice time I had together with you and the fantastic group. NORWAY.